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The Amazing Trout!

Trout are amazing creatures!IMG_6372 They are easy to take care of. If you want to start raising trout then just don’t get scared if you see them eating each other, its just what they do if they get hungry so if you don’t what them to eat each other then don’t  under feed them but also don’t over feed them. IMG_6376Right now the temperature is at 66 but we need to have the temperature at 54. The PH is at 6.4 but it is supposed to be at 6.0 but that number is still good. The Nitrite  is at 2.5 which is OK like the PH but the Nitrite is still supposed to be at 0. The Ammonia is at 0.5 which is OK like the rest, but it is supposed to be 0. IMG_6378When they were really little we didn’t need to feed them because they had little shacks of food attached to there body and they ate it till  they were this size so now there is no food in there shacks and now we need to feed them with crushed fish food. –EmiliaIMG_6374

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Successful Year for Brown Trout at GEHMS!

Students continue to care for the small Brown Trout which are well on their way to being the biggest and most successful crop of fish ever at GEHMS!

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Our trout are alevin stage and we started to feed them size 0 food. They are doing well.

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The trout

Today the trout are doing well because the chemistry is good and none of them died because they are healthy. Here is a picture IMG_6187

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The trout

Today the trout are good none of them died. The PH is good it is 6.6. Also, the ammonia is 0.25 and the nitrate is 0. Also the trout are healthy and are getting larger. They are now 1.5 to 2 inches long.

Posted by: D. Rand | February 24, 2017

Twenty-four Trout Counted Today

We are measuring and recording the trout length in cm.

The longest trout was 3.2 cm. We also counted the fish and found that we have about 24 trout in our tank. This was difficult to do because the fish are always moving and there is also a reflection under the fish that swim near the bottom of the tank.

Yash, Philip, Verity; grade one

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Trout Update

No trout died you can see the picture on the bottom left the trout are doing good.



The Nitrate was 20 and that means they have been eliminating a lot and the Ammonia was 0.50. We did a 7 gallon water change to clean the water.

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GEHMS Brown Trout Update

Update: The trout are doing well.  They actually do have stripes now. However, they are also eating each other we are predicting they need more food. They are two inches long and we did the water change. We are also remembering to feed them and care for them. The ammonia level is 0.25. The good news is none died today, so there should be about 30 trout still alive.

The temperature is also 55 degrees. The nitrate level is greatly increasing from what we’ve had.

Thank You, 4th grade and Teachers!

Catreena and Trout Team

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Trout Team trains new scientists!

The Ph is  good and it is 7.2 IMG_2966.JPG

this is the picture friend with the Ph. we did 3 water changes that were fresh. the temp was 56 degrees the nitrate was 0 and ammonia was 0.25 . The feeding time was 12:34. We lost 1 trout.

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Brown Trout Update


Today we noticed that there were 2 dead  fish and 1 dead egg.

The Ph was 7.0, ammonia was 0.25 and the nitrate was 0ppm.

Because of the ammonia we had to do a water change we  dumped 2 gallons of fresh water.img_2901

But the trout are doing fine and well. img_2900

This pic will show  you the dead fish and eggs  img_2902  If you have any questions or suggestions about our trout please leave comments below.



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