Posted by: D. Rand | April 9, 2014

Bye! Bye! BabyTrout! Have a Nice Life!

On this bright and brisk Wednesday morning, The 4th graders
and their 70 baby trout took a bus ride to Blackledge River in Marlborough, CT.


Students were split up into groups and visited different stations along the rivers edge. Students recorded the environment with digital cameras, they also sifted through the sands and rocks to find organisms that would suit the brown trouts appetite. The chemisrty station allowed each student to take part in testing the river water to see if it would be the ideal home for their babies. As they walked along the river’s banks, they noticed erosion from flooding, the water depth and how fast it was running. They recorded their findings and decided that this was the perfect place to set their trout free.

Mrs. Rand and Mrs. Garbart adorned waders and proceeded into the rushing waters to scrape the bottom for tiny creatures that the trout feed on. We all learned that if this environment was sustainable for these creatures, it should be great for the trout too!


A great learning experience was had by all. It was wonderful to get the students outside exploring and experiencing the world around them.

A BIG Thanks to all the parents and an uncle that volunteered their time for the 4th grade Trout in the Classroom Project. From supervising the chemistry testing in school to braving the river banks of Blackledge, without you, this could not be possible.

Mrs. Brunette

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