Posted by: D. Rand | December 13, 2016

Trout Team trains new scientists!

The Ph is  good and it is 7.2 IMG_2966.JPG

this is the picture friend with the Ph. we did 3 water changes that were fresh. the temp was 56 degrees the nitrate was 0 and ammonia was 0.25 . The feeding time was 12:34. We lost 1 trout.


  1. Seems like the trout team is doing a great job
    Taking care of their babies! Being consistent
    Is key and your chemical results prove that you know what you are doing! Soon they will be strong enough to swim in the BIG tank! Try and measure the fish. Do they have stripes? What growth stage are they in now? After vacation, take a look and measure again!
    Did they change in anyway?

    In the photo, I see Rosie on the rock! She looks like she is doing well, too!!

    Great job, 4th graders and teachers!
    Go Trout Team!

    Mrs. Brunette

  2. Hi, Mrs. Brunette the trout are doing well they actually do have stripes they are also eating each other we are predicting they need more food they are two inches long and we did the water change. We are also remembering to feed them and care for them the ammonia level is 0.25. The good news is none died today, so there should be about 30 trout still alive. Rosie is also getting big and is doing well. The temperature is also 55 degrees. The nitrate level is greatly increasing from what we’ve had!

    Thank You, 4th grade and Teachers!

    Catreena and Trout Team

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