Posted by: D. Rand | April 6, 2018

The Amazing Trout!

Trout are amazing creatures!IMG_6372 They are easy to take care of. If you want to start raising trout then just don’t get scared if you see them eating each other, its just what they do if they get hungry so if you don’t what them to eat each other then don’t  under feed them but also don’t over feed them. IMG_6376Right now the temperature is at 66 but we need to have the temperature at 54. The PH is at 6.4 but it is supposed to be at 6.0 but that number is still good. The Nitrite  is at 2.5 which is OK like the PH but the Nitrite is still supposed to be at 0. The Ammonia is at 0.5 which is OK like the rest, but it is supposed to be 0. IMG_6378When they were really little we didn’t need to feed them because they had little shacks of food attached to there body and they ate it till  they were this size so now there is no food in there shacks and now we need to feed them with crushed fish food. –EmiliaIMG_6374


  1. It’s great to see the kids still enjoying the trout project! What a great log that young lady wrote! It really gives all who reads a lesson on water testing!

    The trout look big!! Great job Trout Team! I bet you will be releasing them shortly! I wish to come along, as this was one of my favorite
    Science activities I would help Mrs. Rand organize.

    Yes, when they are bigger, sometimes you might see a bigger try eat a smaller one. That’s just how it goes. They are getting ready be released into their new home! Do all your testing, make sure you find the ideal spot!

    Good luck! Enjoy giving your fish FREEDOM!

    Mrs. Brunette. 😀🐟🐟🐟😀

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