Trout in Classroom 2011-2012
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Today’s Data (Emma & Sophie)

Monday, April 12, 2010




Lost Trout: 0

1 gallon water change like usual.


  1. We been having some trouble with the nitrate. The nitrate we think was caused by the food. Its been high and we need to do a five gallon water change. But it was still high so we looked in the book and found out that it was good bacteria eating bad bacteria. We know this because the ammonia level was good.

  2. Today the new helpers tested the waters and it seemed the nitrates went down a bit. The frys seem to be doing well when Sandstorm and I peeked in. Almost ALL were swimming around, only a few sat on the bottom and no losses! They were hesitant to do the water change. Check on the test results Tuesday and decide if there should be a maybe 10-20% water change. Should be done slowly, as to not stress the fish.

    I have been doing my reading too, and I am learning so much more than I ever thought helping out in the Science Lab!

    You guys have been doing such a great job and it show with the great success rate of fish! I saw on one website that the class is keeping measurments- by putting a penny on the side of the tank and comparing it to the frys as they grow, we should think about documenting more as they grow. I read that they are going to start to grow at a fast rate now!

    Keep up the good work!

    Mrs. Brunette

  3. We are not doing well. I think the nitrate is going crazy and killing our trout. On top of that we wayyyyyyyyy over fed them so there is tons of dead trout.

    • Well Tommy the food is killng the trout but it is that they were staying at the bottom and not getting any food so put then in the box that we kept the eggs in and we haven’t been losing much trout.

  4. Thursday, February 11, 2010
    We had to do a ten water gallon change because our pH level was 7.8.
    On the goodside we lost only 5 trout today.
    Hope we don’t lose any trout over break.

  5. Guess what happened when the trout leaders and I did tests on the trout, we noticed one of our bigger trout was eating a small weak one!! This trout was about 1 1/2 inches long ( one of our biggest ones) and this trout was trying to digest this other trout and you could see the tail hanging out of its mouth! We didn’t do anything because it was probably already dead but we could see it trying to chew on the trout it was eating but this is not normal for trout. If you have anything to say just comment.

    – Emma and the trout leaders

  6. Our trout leaders and trout helpers have been doing a wonderful job this year taking care of our trout.

  7. Our trout are getting huge! 🙂

  8. 😮

    • wow 3:)

  9. >:)

  10. :0 🙂 0:) 😦 😉

  11. :O 🙂 😦 😉

  12. Todays Report April 7th:
    Temparture: 46 degrees f
    Nitrate: 0
    Lost Trout: 0

  13. pH: 6.0
    Ammonia: 15
    Nitrate: 0.50
    water change:2 gal.
    lost trout:0
    teparture:45 degrees f

  14. PH:6.5
    ammonia: 0.25
    nitrate: 40/80 that is bad:(
    water change: 7gal.
    teparture: 46 degrees f
    trout team

  15. PH:6.4
    water change:2gal.
    teparture:45degeees f
    trout team

  16. PH:6.4
    water change:2gal.
    tepertrue:46 degees f
    trout team

  17. PH:6.0
    water change:2gal.
    tepretrue:46 degees f
    we lost 1 trout but they are in the big tank now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
    trout team

  18. Ammonia:0.50
    tempeture:46 degrees f
    water change:5 gal.
    we lost 3 trout today:(

  19. Ammonia:0.25
    Tepeture:46 degrees
    Water change: 2gal.
    trout lost:0
    trout team

  20. Ammonia:0.5
    tepeture:45 degrees
    trout lost:1
    trout team
    all trout are a in.

  21. pH: 6.4
    ammonia: 0.25
    nitrate: 0
    water change: 5 gallons
    fish lost: 0
    observations: The trout have grown a lot, they are a little bit bigger than 1 inch so we feed them the bag with the 1 on it (the bag number represents the inches the trout are). The water is mostly clear and the trout can swim to the top to get they’re food.

  22. pH: 6.6
    ammiona: 0.25
    nitrate: 5.0
    water change: 2gallons

  23. pH: 6.4
    ammiona: 0.25
    nitrate: 5.0
    water change: 2 gallons
    trout lost: 1

  24. pH: 6.6
    ammonia: 0.25
    nitrate: 5.0
    water change: 2 gallons
    fish lost: 0
    temp.: 46

  25. pH: 6.4
    nitrate: 5.0
    ammonia: 0.25
    water change: 2 gallons
    temp. 45-46

  26. pH:6.6
    Water Change:2gal
    Feeding Time:12:15
    Fish Lost:0
    Water Temp:45
    Observations:the trout are getting so big

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