Best home for trout?


The pond isn’t the best… too warm and not a lot of moving water.
We think the Black Ledge River is better because it has moving water and the water is not warm.

What do you think?
-Sophie and the Trout Leaders.

Bus leaves 9:15am and returns to school 12 noon

Blackledge River Field Trip – Grade 4 – -Directions to site


Loyal Order of Moose Lodge

303 S Main St

Marlborough,Β CTΒ 06447

River site is across the street from this building. Look for a large, gravel parking area large enough for a school bus and several cars. Walk to end of parking area to see the river.


  1. To find the best place for the trout we think first you should find the nearest fresh water place like a pond. Second you should know about the trout like what temperature they live best. Third thing you should do is take your class to the nearest pond and take notes and collect data.The last thing should do is look over the notes your class took and find out if the pond the best place for the trout.

    • Well thank you for the tips SShamer
      The pond isnt the best too warm and not alot of moving water.
      We think the black ledge river is better.
      Because has moving water and not so hot.
      Sophie and the trout leaders.

      Sophie’s right. I don’t think the pond will keep the trout alive in there very long. But we might have to clear out the dams in black ledge river so the trout can mate…..


  2. How much longer untill we release the trout?

    • We are going to check the blackledge river on the 13 or 14 but we are going to release in April.
      -The Trout Leaders

  3. Where are we going to release the trout?

    • Probably The Blackledge River because the temperture is lower because the water is moving. Also because the water is moving and then there are ripples and the trout need them.

      • Why?

  4. Because it is not too hot and has alot of moving water Mrs.Rand

  5. When we go to the Blackledge River as a feild trip can the trout leaders and I bring the camera to take pictures and post them ’cause we don’t have any of the Blackledge River?!?!

  6. Yeah, I wonder if we could post some cool pics. It would give the kids in our school and in other schools a visualization of where we’re releasing the trout.

  7. I agree with sophie because the pond really doesn’t have alot of moving water and i think the black ledge is better too.

  8. We are going to relese the trout April 13th and rain due date (incase if it rains) April 14th.

  9. Very exciting !!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. But at the same time very sad 😦 😦 😦

  11. I going to miss them!

  12. We are all going to miss them.

  13. post some new stuff this is last year!

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